Music Hall a-30.3 Integrated Amplifier w/Phono and DAC



From entry level to flagship, the Music Hall electronics punch far above their class and deliver superb sound and performance value for the money.

Designed to be intuitively simple, the 30.3 takes the complexity out of integrating your analog and digital music.

amp + phono + DAC
A robust 85 watt/channel amplifier mated to an exceptionally quiet moving-magnet phono stage and scientifically proven digital to analog converter belie the understated traditional chassis. It is delightful to use and a pleasure to share with friends via the surprisingly natural-sounding and dynamic Bluetooth connection.

best of both worlds
The music hall a30.3 is an analog lover’s dream that slices right through the digital world. This integrated amp pioneers new ground while remaining firmly planted in the analog universe.

85 watt/channel integrated amp
MM phono pre-amp
3 digital inputs (USB, toslink, coax)
24bit/192kHz Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC
Bluetooth connectivity
stout chassis with rigid aluminum faceplate
5 analog inputs
remote control
pre-amp out
easy to set up and use
system remote also controls the cdac15.3

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