NuPrime CDT-8 Pro CD Transport



The NuPrime CDT-8 Pro is a highly accurate professional music CD transport with powerful DSP-based decoder that provides all Red Book error-correction capabilities with master-clock control of the entire decoding system, thus lowering jitter significantly. The transport’s single speed minimizes vibration and unbalanced discs. A selectable sampling rate converter (SRC) up samples the CD format to higher sampling rate with ultra-low jitter and distortion.

The CDT-8 Pro CD Transport comes with features that enable it to out perform all CD transports in its price range.

Highly Accurate CD Playback

  • A powerful ARM chip LPC2103F CD reads, writes and controls error correction
  • Philips SAA7824HL high-end laser reads/writes head control and decodes chips for CD transport. The transport and laser assembly is a Sony KHM-313.
  • Supports CD-DA CD-R, CD-RW format
  • Algorithm reduces digital interference resulting in extremely low jitter
  • Coaxial output with a dedicated isolation transformer
  • Low jitter I2S output for professional use

Sampling Rate Converter

  • The sampling rate of CD playback can be up sampled to PCM and DSD, from 44.1kHz to 768kHz or DoP256
  • The conversion is achieved by up-sampling to mega hertz before down converting to the targeted sampling rate with ultra-low jitter and distortion

Power and Mechanical

  • Custom R-type professional transformer with shielding
  • Low power consumption in Standby Mode•
  • NuPrime vibration-free isolation feet
  • High quality aluminium remote control
  • Available in black or silver anodized aluminum finish


  • Optical Output  (up to 24  bits  /  192 kHz) (DoP64)
  • Coaxial Output  (up to 24 bits  /  768KHz) (DoP256)
  • HDMI I2S* Output (up to 24 bits  /  768KHz) (DoP256)
  • AES / EBU Output (up to 24 bits  /  768KHz) (DoP256)

*Note that the I2S output is for connecting with other NuPrime products and may not work with other devices.

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