Rogue Cronus Magnum III



(Due to restrictions from the recent pandemic, Rogue is building to order. Lead time is about 3 weeks on most products…. but it’s worth the wait!)

The new Cronus Magnum III features a host of upgrades over the MkII version. One of the most exciting upgrades is the ability to operate the CM3 in Triode mode. An external switch flips between ultralinear (100WPC) and triode (60WPC) operation. The CM3 also sports a completely new phono section that can now accommodate low output cartridges. The new phono section has user adjustable loading, selectable gain of 44 dB and 58 dB, low noise circuitry, and most importantly sounds terrific. The headphone amplifier is also completely new and is a direct derivative of our award winning RH-5 headphone amp. The new design is much more comprehensive and features MOSFET buffers on the outputs. This headphone amp sounds great and will drive even the most difficult headphones. The line level circuitry has also been improved and now features a super low noise floor and better overall sonics. Finally, the three button metal remote is back and included with every unit!

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