Sutherland 20/20 Phono Preamp



The core of the Sutherland sound signature; liquid, natural, dynamic, real!

It is a pleasure to introduce the new 20/20 phono preamp. It is AC powered and it is quiet! It starts with separate external AC power modules for each channel, followed by 10 sections of passive RC filtering and finalized with local constant voltage shunt regulation.

There is an almost irresistible urge to add complexity to any endeavor. The result is a tangled knot of disparate good ideas. Because there is always more that could be added, there is never an opportunity for long-term satisfaction. Never enough.

Sutherland offers a different vision – it may be more closely aligned with your values. It is a very disciplined approach that refines design to the essential elements – and then executes the design to perfection. There is no allowance for superfluous clutter. Nothing extra will be allowed between you and the music.

Technical Areas of Concern

  1. Avoid electronic colorations by keeping signal path uncluttered and straightforward.
  2. Refine the circuitry and layout for one audio channel. Then build it twice for stereo.
  3. Keep the clutter of options out of the signal path and off the circuit board.
  4. Keep contaminating AC power line noise out.
  5. Use the best components in a conservative manner, for long life and effortless performance.
  6. Design and build with a sense of instrument grade craftsmanship.


Gain settings: 40 dB 46 dB 52 dB 58 dB 64 dB

Cartridge Loading: 100 ohms 200 ohms 475 ohms 1k ohms 47k ohms

Size: 17” wide 2 1⁄4 “ high 12” deep

-external power supply (each) 5” deep 1 1⁄2” high 2” wide

Weight: 11 lbs. net, 19 lbs. shipping

Power Requirements: 20 watts (10 watts per channel) Operating Voltage: 100 to 240 volts (universal, no adjustments)


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