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Only One left at this special closeout price! Piano Black finish

The TD 206 and TD 209 turntables are the younger siblings of the revolutionary, multiple-award-winning TD 309. However, they don’t have to live in the shadow of their older brother. Both models are built using only high-quality materials and parts. And both share a number of technical features with the TD 309, ensuring that their replay quality is up there with the best.

The new TP 90 tonearm is based on the tried-and-tested TP 92 and uses the same ultra-low-friction, high-performance bearing and the innovative zero-stiction anti-bias system. The arm tube is made from rolled aluminum that is damped using RMR technology (reduced-modal-resonance), and the stainless-steel counterweight at the end of the arm tube is double-decoupled. Tonearm height, azimuth and overhang are user adjustable.


  • Low Noise, Low Voltage electronically speed controlled DC Motor
  • Adjustable belt tension for best performance
  • Two-part aluminium/acrylic platter
  • New TP 90 tonearm with precision Japanese bearings
  • Tonearm adjustable for VTA, azimuth and overhang
  • Made in Germany

Mode of operation: Manual

Drive system: Belt drive (flat belt around sub-platter)

Motor: Servo-controlled DC motor

Speeds: 331⁄3, 45 rpm

Adjustment range: ±5 %

Speed change: Electronic

Platter: 12” / 0.9 kg (aluminium, acrylic)

Power supply: External plug-in power supply,12 V DC/AC, 6 W min.

Dimensions: 475 x 125 x 430 mm (W x H x D)

Weight: 4.7 kg

Tonearm: Thorens TP 90

Effective length: 232.8 mm (9.1”)

Overhang: 17.8 mm (variable)

Offset angle: 23.6° (fixed)

Effective mass: approx. 11 g


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