Triangle Signature Theta


$4,200/Pair in Piano Black lacquer, Piano White lacquer, or Mahogany

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The Signature Theta is a 2 ways bookshelf loudspeaker designed for placement on a dedicated stand (ex S04). It features high density cabinets from the Magellan series combined with a high quality gloss finish for a modern and elegant aesthetic.

Don’t let its compact dimensions fool you: the clarity and the depth of the lower end register are extremely impressive for a speaker of this size. The speaker is equipped with a 16cm (6.5 inch) paper, half roll suspension mid-woofer the brings life to instruments and human voices. The horn-loaded tweeter is positioned on the top of the cabinet to avoid any resonances from the cabinet.

A perfect choice for medium rooms between 15 and 30M2, the Signature Theta is dedicated for music lovers looking for a compact speaker with impressive musicality, power and speed. It can also be used as rear channel for a high-end home theater set up.

 Type Bass Reflex
System Format 2
Sensitivity dB/W/m 90
Frenquency Response (+/-3dB Hz- 45-20
Power handling (W RMS) 90
Minimal impedance (Ohms) 4,4
External Dimensions (mm) 465 x 233 x 372
External Dimensions with stand (mm)
Net Weight (Kg) 11,55
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